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Our infant room provides the loving and nurturing support your child needs to meet their developmental milestones at their own pace. The infant room schedule is based upon each child’s individual needs.

Younger Toddlers

Our toddler room encourages your child to explore the environment and practice independence.  We have a play-based curriculum addressing the unique needs of many toddlers. Our classroom routine provides a predictable schedule that enables children to feel comfortable and confident at school.  


Older Toddlers

There are many and varied opportunities for children to play, explore, and develop their own interest and creativity within our thoughtfully structed learning environment and classroom routine. You can expect an explosive growth in cognitive abilities that include understanding directions, verbalizing their needs, and potentially potty training.  

Multi-Age Class (Preschool)

The classroom environment is set up to support the different developmental levels, abilities and interest of each child. Your child will remain in this classroom until they leave for Kindergarten.

Picnic After Camping

Summer Camp

Our summer enrichment program will be a hands-on camp that provides opportunities for social interaction and learning while observing all safety measures. The children will explore their world through real-life experiences and hands on activities. Utilizing our space and excellent instructors, our children are guaranteed to have a great time. 

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